BSF125 Modular Changeover Switch

Model: BSF125

Pole: 1P

Rated currents: 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A

Voltage: 230~

Compliace Std.: IEC60947-3, IEC60669

Certificate: CE, RoHS



BSF125 Modular Changeover Switch

BSF125 modular changeover switch is a new generation of power changeover switch independently developed by our company. It realizes dual power switching up to 63A with only the size of mini circuit breaker case, which has the advantages of small size, high-cost efficiency, high reliability, long life and easy installation.

A modular changeover switch switches a house’s electricity supply from the general grid power supply to a “generator system” in case of power outage. The changeover switch connects to the main power grid, generator or alternate source and the house wiring. When you switch or “Change over” all the power on that circuit changes from either Grid or Generator.


> Modular structure design
> Standard DIN rail mounting
> Maximum current up to 63A
> With transparent label window
> Mechanical lifespan>100000times
> Electrical lifespan>5000times


Overall Size