AER6V-100Y/F DC EV Relay


High current heavy duty DC relay/contactor is used to EV/ HEV new energy vehicles, and its charging station/port, renew energy storage, fuel battery/solar battery, high power DC equipments and more.

Rated Current: 100A

Max Load Voltage: 750VDC

Coil Voltage: 12VDC/24VDC

Aux Contact: 1NO

Main Contact: 1NO

Electrical Life (MAX): 3000 times



·Contact points sealed by ceramic enclosure, and anti-arc by inert gases.
·Permanent magnetic extinguishing arc, high voltage DC cut off
·Anti-magnetic disturbances and explosion-proof
·RoHS listed
·PWM control coil, minimize the coil power consumption
·Vacuum sealed coil
·Contact points and coil double isolated
·Tiny but heavy duty
·Customized design is accepted


Contact 1NO
Rated Voltage 12-750V
Rated Current 100A
Contact Resistance ≤2mΩ(6VDC 20A)
Contact Performance Template high current withstand (a)200A 10Min (b)300A 10s
Max switch current 1000A(320VDC)
Overload break 150A 450VDC 50 times
Opposite break 100A 200VDC 100 times
Coil Voltage 12VDC/24VDC
Pull-in voltage ≤8.4VDC/16.8VDC
Release voltage ≥1VDC/2VDC
Rated power 5.5W(Holding voltage)
Electrical Performance Withstand voltage Coil 3000VAC
Insulated resistance Coil 1000MΩ(1000VDC)
Pull-in time Max: 25ms
Releasing time Max: 10ms
Jumping time <5ms
Life-span Mechanical lifetime >200000
Electrical lifetime 450VDC 3000
750VDC 1000
Mechanical Performance Withstand impact Functional 20G
Strength 50G
Withstand vibration Functional Min20G (80~2000Hz)
Weight ≈220g


Wiring Diagram ↓                                                              Assembling Dimension ↓